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Winter Tune-Bits

Types: Score

About the Project

Winter Tune-Bits (2023) is a collection of pieces I have composed for elementary choir and piano. In my experience as a music educator, I would often run into difficulty programming new and engaging music every year for end of term Winter concerts. As a result, Winter Tune-Bits was born; six individual pieces that reference the beauty and humour of Canada, while providing new musical challenges and lessons for students.

Below is the perusal score and audio bites of the pieces within the collection.

To Purchase the Music:

If you are looking to purchase Winter Tune-Bits to sing with your choir please email Olivia Korosak at [email protected]

Winter Tune-Bits $50 (plus HST)

When you purchase Winter Tune-Bits you will receive the full sheet music for choir and piano of all six pieces, which includes notes for the conductor and lesson activities for each piece, along with full piano accompaniment tracks of each piece.

Perusal Sheet Music

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